We are helping with Cheapskates!

Krkouni na oddělení dětské hematologie a onkologie ve FN Motol

Romana Andel´s cartoons with their colorful world are bringing joy to children who must spend their time in a hospital.

We have been sweetening their stay in hospital with cheapskate decoration in these medical facilities so far:

Intensive care children department in Kladno hospital (see photo here)

Children hematology and oncology in FN Motol (see photo here)

Children department in Zatec hospital (see photo here)

MD.  Vera Lehka Eye surgery waiting room in Kladno

Lot of fun is to enjoy in „cheapstake“ world in Kulihrasek children center in Kladno.

Please help us to provide the magical world in hospitals to our little patients and their parents.


Who are Cheapskates?

Who are we? Could we be stingy cheapskate or greedy? Oh not, don´t worry... We are cuddly and completely harmless, but terribly curious. So we are sticking out our necks from all corners permanently. Thanks to them we can see much further than you – at Bimbuli so far!

Oh, and there are three of us: Blaza, Buca and Pupino!



I´m restless, curious and crazy giraffe with a lot of energy, that is a bit challenging for the others. I´m testing everything and not avoiding not even daring aerial maneuvers, which look funny with regard to my body proportions. Excuse me...!



I´m all-inclusive cow and I´m ashamed for it! My desire for excellence in any field doesn´t leave me in peace for a while. I´m twenty-four seven dancing, drawing and singing instead of dutiful learning... but admiration for me isn´t coming! But I don´t give up because I know my 15 minutes of fame will come.



I´m an authentic lazy fellow! And also a bit chunky, so I cause some mischief sometimes. But when comes need for help my Cheapskate friends, I forget my fear and hit bravely. I´m a true friend to Cheapskates!






The original interactive program for children and their parents, that is not only entertaining, but is also teaching children with non-violent and fun to spend their free time at home and outdoors actively. Each episode is a various activities magazine and is hosted by small child hosts showing and acquainting small child viewers with many various skills. Each episode includes scenes with Cheapskates – Blaza, Buca and Pupino – who make mistakes and they make fun of it. It helps both children in studio and children in front of TV screens to take the activities easy and not worry about any failure.

The program enriched with competitions, reports and other interactive activities is available after broadcasting on our related website www.bimbuli.tv.

Angel game by Romana Andel

How has the magical Bimbuli and Cheapskates world been created? See the beginning and much more in Angel game document.

Bimbuli planet and Blaza, Buca and Pupino came suddenly. Who is the author of Cheapskates?

Romana Andel, an artist and graphic designer, spent a long time as a child diagnosed with leukemia at a pediatric hematology department. She was really sad...so she began dream, draw and paint ...

Animated fairytale world of Bimbuli planet brings joy and fun and to not only young patients and their parents, but all children. Romana´s personal happy-ending story and its indomitable optimism gives hope and strength to parents of sick children and joy, excitement and distraction in monotonous hospital to children themselves.

Watch the document here.



Once upon a time there was a little girl named Adelka which was closed in a room without children. She had only her plush friends beside her: Buca the cow, Pupino the elephant and Blaza the giraffe. Adelka was bored terribly because she was sick and laid in a hospital. So she decided to learn her little plush friends how to make a rainbow...

Let this be the beginning of our fairytale. It is actually happy-ending story... Romana Andel, an artist and graphic designer, spent a long time as a child diagnosed with leukemia at a pediatric hematology department. Gradually, she created her wonderful fairy world of Cheapskates and planet Bimbuli which helped her to not only survive, but to graduate and to become a mother of two beautiful children and to start helping little lonely patients actively (http://www.krkouni.cz/).

Book “Cheapskates and their adventures on planet Bimbuli”

Incredible adventures of our cheapskates can be found in bookstores. Enjoy!

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